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The Nightmare Mother:

I have always lived in an artistic world. Introverted by nature, surrounded by my drawings I didn't have many friends and I learned more often to listen to them than to take my place.

Not yet knowing what to do with my art, I was thirsty for learning and did everything to indulge my creative and colorful side.

It was in 2018 that I knew how to combine my heart with my art following my daughter's leukemia diagnosis.

After going through a long hospitalization and living with several families, I experienced a lot of emotions. Fear, fatigue, distress, grief, and mourning were part of our reality. But also love, perseverance, sharing, solidarity, strength, and positivity .

After 7 months, I brought my daughter back with me, healed and I had to learn to live with myself again.

In addition to being a mother , I had to learn to become a full woman again.

I had to face a long journey to find myself and it was very difficult.

The way I coped with Amy's cancer made me an inspiring woman in the eyes of others.

It is by combining my history, my listening and my artistic approach that I was able to find the expertise to do great things, simply.

I now have a story to share.

The artist

So here I am, Vanaëlle, creator of emotional jewelry.

Honoring a woman's heart by making her a piece of jewelry materializing an intangible emotion in order to bring her love, courage and positivity, that's what thrills me.

Each of my pieces is sculpted by my hands in a “craft” manner.

I work with wood because this organic material is a symbol of strength and anchoring. I incorporate resin, semi-precious stones, crystals and natural pearls.

My jewelry is intended to carry positive emotions. They can be offered in order to:

  • Highlight a precious friendship
  • Bringing courage to a woman going through a difficult stage
  • Soothe grief
  • Celebrate love
  • Honor yourself in your own evolution.

In the end, these little works of art are for me a way to convey love for you or to be a channel between you and the person you love. It is a symbolic and unique gift to offer to show your love and support.

I want to become a reference in customizable jewelry to offer when sharing love between women.

Looking forward to working with you, for you!

The foundation :

We owe a lot to Ste-Justine Hospital for our daughter's recovery. Additionally, we received help from our community to get through this event. Since 2018 it has been my turn to give back to help other families alleviate their storms.

This is why 10% of sales from my “touch wood” collection were donated to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

''It takes a village to raise a child''